Frequently Asked Questions

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What do Improv Cocktails taste like?

Improv Cocktails are designed to taste just like their alcoholic counterparts. We use a unique blend of natural ingredients, organic sweeteners, and fruit juices to replicate all of the wonderful flavors of your favorite cocktails. You’ll even feel the little tingle in the back of your throat previously reserved for alcoholic beverages!

Should I drink Improv Cocktails straight?

We make the drinks, you call the shots! Improv Cocktails are formulated to taste great on their own and can be enjoyed straight from the can or in a glass over ice. Drink it from a shoe if that’s your style, the point is it’s totally up to you!

Can I spike Improv Cocktails?

Absolutely. Improv Cocktails are designed to maintain their flavor profile when diluted with alcohol. You have the freedom to mix in the spirit of your choice at the volume that you’re comfortable with. 

How many calories are in Improv Cocktails?

Improv Cocktails are 40 calories and 5g of organic sugars per can.

Are Improv Cocktails sugar free?

Improv Cocktails contain 5g of sugar per can. All the sugars used are organic and easily digestible.

Are Improv Cocktails Non-Alcoholic?

Improv Cocktails are Non-Alcoholic by FDA standards. Unless you spike them of course.

How should I store Improv Cocktails?

Improv Cocktails are pasteurized and thus safe to store at room temperature or cold.

Are Improv Cocktails 100% natural?

Yes. Improv Cocktails are made with 100% natural ingredients and flavors. No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners!

Are Improv Cocktails gluten free?


Are Improv Cocktails non-GMO?


Are Improv Cocktails vegan?


Do Improv Cocktails expire?

While Improv Cocktails never technically expire we suggest consumption within 365 days of the production date noted on your can for the freshest experience.

Are Improv Cocktails Safe for Pregnancy?

Improv Cocktails are Non-Alcoholic by FDA standards. That said, it’s always a good idea to consult your physician with any questions you may have before making any consumption decisions.